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  • Rose Haysom

    The easiest and most affordable way to introduce a simple, healthy and delicious sous vide/ slow cook lifestyle to your family!

  • Roy Taylor

    Homemade chicken, fish and steak has never been so juicy and delicious!

  • Elisha Beck

    The revolutionary Slow Cook Tower that makes everyone in the family a CHEF!

  • Marilyn Arstka

    Forget about traditional, large manual slow cookers – Nolwenn & Cole’s Slow Cook Tower is portable, has a touch-screen timer, and fits into pots and pans in all sizes, up

  • Jodie Cadman

    Whoo-hoo! Finally an easy way to pack lots of tender, juicy and delicious lean proteins in my diet! Goodbye cardboard-dry chicken breast!

  • Christina Gill

    An economically smart choice, because we can now use cheaper cuts of meat to achieve tender and juicy results with Nolwenn & Cole’s Slow Cook Tower!

  • Lea Tassova

    Thank you for giving us the best possible cooking experience and high-end restaurant-grade dishes at home!

  • Krystal Patrick

    If you are serious about bringing sous vide and molecular gastronomy to your home kitchen, this is the one and only equipment you will ever need!

  • Vicky Blanché

    Slow Cook Tower lets us cook with precise temperature control and enjoy super juicy meats and full-flavored vegetables whenever we want!

  • Gerald Worrell

    Professional-level cooking made super simple!

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